Changing your Lawn Mower Blades

If you’re trying to get a better-looking lawn, don’t underestimate the power of new lawn mower blades.  If you start to notice any missed patches of tall grass after you’ve mowed your lawn, it’s probably time to get new blades for your lawn mower.   New, sharp lawn mower blades can dramatically improve the end result of mowing.  Fortunately, lawn mower blades are inexpensive and easy to replace!  If you’ve never replaced your lawn mower blades, we’ll show you a step by step guide to how you can get the job done in under ten minutes!

1. Unplug the Spark Plug

HOnda mower getting maintenance
Start by removing sparkplug boot

Before doing any work to your lawn mower, it’s important to disconnect the spark plug. This will keep the engine from accidentally starting up; removing the chance for any accidents.

2. Lift the Mower Deck

The first step in changing your lawn mower blades is to lift the mower deck so you can easily access the blades. If you have a walk behind mower, this is as easy as tilting the mower back.  Pay attention to which side the gas tank is on and avoiding tilting the mower in a way that will spill gas on the engine.

Pro Tip: Before tilting the mower back, remove the gas cap and lay a plastic sandwich bag over the opening of the gas tank.  Then put the gas cap back on, twisting tightly and securely.  This will make sure no gas spills out!

3. Remove the Mounting Bolt

HOnda mower with blade bolt highlighted
Tip mower on side, remove blade

Before handling the sharp blade, it’s usually a good idea to wear gloves.  Using a socket wrench, unscrew the bolt from the deck’s mounting.  Be sure to pay attention to which direction the blade is positioned.  The new blade will go on exactly like that.

Pro Tip: Before removing the old blade, take a picture of the underside of your mower deck with your phone so you can be sure the new blade goes on exactly the same way.

4. Install the New Blade

Once you have the new blade, using the same socket wrench, attach it to the mount.  Be sure the blade is positioned the exact same way as the old blade. Be careful not to overtighten the bolt; this could cause warping in the blade.

After you have the new blade put on, set the mower back up, connect the spark plug wire and you’re ready to go!

Mutton Power Equipment in Fort Wayne, Indiana has everything you need to keep your mower running smoothly all summer long – from replacement blades to air filters, spark plugs, and more.  If you need any replacement parts, visit either of our two Fort Wayne locations or shop online!  We offer the lowest prices and ship nationwide!

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