Honda EU3000


Spring weather brings thunder storms, tornadoes, and even the occasional wintery mix. Be ready for the harsh weather of all seasons with a Honda Generator at Mutton Power of Fort Wayne Indiana.

Bad weather has the potential to knock out power in the most inconvenient of times. Have a generator back-up plan that will protect your appliances, keeps your phone charged, and save your peace of mind when bad weather strikes. Honda makes powerful and affordable generators to keep the lights on or even power the whole house. Honda provides a wide selection of generators for your home back up, work or play needs. The Honda EU3000 is your typical homeowner model, fit to keep appliances running when the power goes out. It brings up to 20 hours of run time with 3000 Watts of power.

EU3000 Generator

But not all generators are needed for only bad weather when the power gets knocked out. When you’re out camping or on-site for construction work, Honda has generators to fit any work need and a broad wattage need.

EU1000EB5000 GeneratorEU6500 Generators

With wattages that range from 1,000 Watts to 10,000 Watts and run times from 8 to 20 hours, Honda provides every type of consumer a generator to keep the power flowing. Whether your camping, working, or need back-up, Mutton Power Equipment provides you the right generator to fit your needs. Don’t be left in the dark, get Honda powered with Mutton Power.

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