John Deere AccelDeep Deck

John Deere has released a new mower deck for 2016! The Accel Deep™ deck, is designed for consistent cut quality at faster mowing speeds. Its single-piece stamped steel shell has no sharp corners. Which optimizes airflow and improves the cut of your lawn.  These are available in 42, 48 and 54-inch cut widths and having a nearly 5-inch-deep shell. The Accel Deep™ cuts better than ever before.

First rate cut

With an improved flat-top design, it enables a clean flow of material throughout the deck and out of the discharge area. This, would prevent the buildup of material that would interfere with the cutting of incoming grass.  The new design takes inspiration from John Deere’s commercial decks and offers them in a residential model.

Get More Done

A 38% larger discharge opening coupled with a deep, flat-top deck allows, cut clippings to exit the mower deck faster (without being re-cut).  This minimal re-cutting increases the mowers capacity to operate at higher speeds and in adverse conditions.

Smooth Sailing

The new design has fewer places for cut material to accumulate on top of or underneath the deck — less recutting means fewer grass clippings collect in the first place.  This allows the mower deck to operate at peak capacity longer between cleanings.  And when it is time to clean, the deck is more accessible.

Increased strength

The new 42″ Accel Deep deck is stamped from 12-gauge steel and is 16% heavier than the 42″ Edge Xtra deck, while the new 48″ model is stamped from 10-gauge steel and is 23% heavier than the 48″ Edge Xtra deck.  Double-captured anti-scalp wheels, rolled edges on the decks, and spindle shields offer greater durability than before.  A new low-tension belt-drive design decreases bearing side-load to increase longevity.

On-the-fly Versatility

Install a MulchControl kit and blades, and change from side-discharge to mulching and bagging on-the-fly with the flip of a lever.  Mulching creates small and evenly distributed clippings that disappear into the lawn, providing valuable fertilizer.

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