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As we head into Fall, the temperature isn’t the only thing dropping!  If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably noticed – leaves are everywhere! Nothing can make your yard more unsightly than leaves.  Fortunately, at Mutton Power Equipment in Fort Wayne, we have a wide variety of leaf cleanup accessories, including Leaf Blowers, Lawn Vacuums and more!  If your yard has been taken over by leaves, then it’s time to fight back!  Here is a guide to some of the new Leaf Cleanup Equipment available at Mutton Power Equipment.

Little Wonder C5 Wheeled Leaf Blower

litle wonder C5
Little Wonder C5 blower

The Little Wonder C5 Wheeled Blower is one of the most powerful, yet affordable leaf blowers on the market today.  It’s lightweight design features oversize wheels and a padded handle for easy maneuvering  and maximum operator comfort!  This awesome blower even offers a new, adjustable Aim Rite nozzle for maximum versatility!

Billy Goat Walk Behind Leaf Blower

Image of Billy Goat blower
Billy Goat walk behind blower

If you have a medium to large yard to maintain, the Billy Goat leaf blower is perfect for you! The self-propelled option increases productivity so that you can rip through 30% more property a day! This blower is equipped with a 9HP Honda GX Engine!


Stihl Leaf Blowers

Whether residential or commercial, Stihl leaf blowers are the perfect piece of equipment for any user.  Stihl makes a wide variety of leaf blowers so you can be sure to find the perfect blower for your needs.  Handheld leaf blowers are lightweight, powerful, and even come in battery powered models!  On the other hand, if you’re going to be operating your leaf blower for an extended period of time, Stihl backpack blowers are a necessity!  Lightweight, comfortable, and convenient, the Stihl Backpack blowers rest easily on your back while you go to work.  And Now, Stihl even offers an Electric Start Backpack blower for added convenience!

Stihl Gutter Kit

Image of Stihl Leaf Gutter extension kit
Use the Stihl Gutter kit to clean gutters-10 ft extension

I think it’s pretty safe to say that clearing gutters is one of the worst parts about fall cleanup.  Shaky ladders and smelly, wet leaves makes for a bad afternoon.  What if I told you the days of getting up on a ladder and grabbing the leaves in your gutter are over?  Now, Stihl offers an incredibly convenient Gutter Cleaning Kit!  This series of plastic tubes attaches to most handheld leaf blowers and extends to over ten feet!  Now you can clean your gutters safely – from the ground!

Fall Cleanup Equipment at Mutton Power Equipment

All of these leaf cleanup accessories and more are available at Mutton Power Equipment in Fort Wayne, Indiana!  Give us a call today at (260) 432-9438 or visit our online store to learn more about these awesome fall cleanup accessories and more!  It’s time to take back your lawn!

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