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Exmark Lazer Z S-Series Buying Guide

Lazer Z S-Series: More Power. More Features. More Productivity
With the Exmark S-Series, you can choose from eight different engines, including an eco-friendly propane model. Four UltraCut Series 4 cutting decks are available with widths up to 72″. The Deck Support System uses a Panhard rod system adapted from NASCAR. It eliminates deck sway and moves lateral forces away from deck struts, reducing wear on the mower


Feathering Made Easy

The transport lock function makes it easy to feather the deck on uneven terrain
Keep the deck locked or unlocked in the “up” position for smooth, scalp-free feathering

Gaining Traction

Exmark’s patented system delivers horsepower and performance from the ground up
S-Series feature Carlisle Turf Master drive tires because serious performance demands serious traction

Less Time At The Pump

Gas-powered S-Series models have a single 12-gallon tank with one fill location
Easier to fill on the go with only one tank to worry about
Larger fuel tank means less stops during working

Built To Last

10-gauge, formed and continuously seam-welded mower deck top
7-gauge side skirt with welded spindle mounting points
Full-floating, 4-point suspension with 4 adjustable anti-scalp rollers


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