Image if a DIY Fire-Pit

Want a fun Fall project to do? One that is low cost and fun for the whole family? A DIY Fire pit is the perfect project to do in the fall. On chilly nights you can roast a marshmallow and make s’mores. Read on to see how you can make a fire pit!

Before you start this project, make sure you check the building codes in your area to get the proper specs and regulations. Pick a spot that is away from your home, and from low hanging trees or other structures. Also, take precautions when digging holes. You wouldn’t want to hit any utility lines!

Tools & Materials:

  • Medium/ Large Pavers (get as many as needed)
    • Get small square sized pavers for the bottom of the pit
    • There is a possibility you may need some small triangle shaped pavers as well (depends on the shape of the pit)
  • Sand
  • Shovel
  • Tape Measure
  • Level
  • Tamper
  • Steel Rake


  1. Lay out your pavers in a circle in the approximate size you’d want the fire pit to be
    • Typically fire pits are about 36 to 44 inches in diameter.
  2. When you have your circle roughed out, dig a 12-inch-deep hole in that location
  3. Pour sand into the bottom of the hole and tamp the sand level
  4. Start to lay out the walls of the fire pit around the perimeter of the hole
    • Continue stacking the stones until they are 12 inches above the surrounding ground
  5. Pour a layer of sand into the ring of stones until it covers the first layer of stones
    • About 4 inches deep

Finishing touches

After following those easy 5 steps, the final touches are some wood and lighter fluid! Time to start the fire and relax. Enjoy the fall nights with the family around the fire.


We hope this project will be fun and enjoyable for you and your family and friends!

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