Image of a Toro Power Max HD 1432 OHXE Commercial Snowblower


Commercial grade two stage snow blowers are built for long days and nights of clearing deep snowfalls. Everything on commercial snowblower models have been upgraded – from engines and gears to clearing width and additional features such as skid shoes and powered steering.

Powered Steering:

All high end snow blowers offer powered steering as an optional feature if it’s not already standard on the snowblower model. The commercial grade two stage snowblowers differ in that they are using higher quality components in the axle for smooth engaging and disengaging over extended periods of use.
The powered steering feature allows for better traction when clearing snow requires multiple passes back and forth.

Heavy Duty Gear Casing:

The commercial grade two stage snowblowers are distinguished by their heavy duty gear casings. Toro two stage snowblowers use cast iron gear casings to ensure durability in the toughest of snow and ice conditions.

Skid Shoes:

All two stage snowblowers have skid shoes to set the scrapper just above the clearing surface. Skid shoes allow for the snowblower to make just enough contact with the clearing surface without dragging the entire machine on the ground. Commercial two stage snowblower use a tougher and more durable material in their skid shoes to last longer and reduce replacement costs.


Commercial grade two stage snowblowers are available with both wheels and tracks as the drive-train option. While wheels are most common on all types of snow throwers, tracks are a beneficial upgrade on the larger commercial snowblowers. Using a track drive system allows for the snowblower to climb hills better as well as burrow into deep snow drifts without losing an traction. Although tracks can be an expensive upgrade to a two stage snowblower, they can be incredibly beneficial and a worthwhile investment for the right commercial snow removal individual or company.

Large Engine:

As the snowblowers get wider clearing widths and more additional features, there needs to be a engine large enough to power these machines. The larger engines on commercial grade two stage snowblowers not only produce more power to clear snow quicker and more efficiently, but are also designed to have a longer life expectancy than entry level two stage snowblowers. Having a lot of power is one thing, but being able to utilize that power in for extended periods of time in harsh conditions is what makes a commercial grade two stage snowblower stand out from the rest.

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