JOhn Deere Command Cut Height

There has never been a better time to own a John Deere Compact Tractor.  John Deere is releasing a new feature that takes the guesswork out of setting mower cut height.  If you’re in the market for a compact tractor, this new technology allows you to mow with a neat, clean, efficient cut, and with a uniform cut height across your lawn.

John Deere 2R Series

This innovative feature on the all new John Deere 2R Series lets you know your exact cutting height and allows you to easily repeat that precise setting anytime you reinstall the mower deck or when your changing cutting heights for different parts of your property.

Features of the 2R

This industry leading technology is called CommandCut Height of Cut.It features an ELECTRONIC ACTUATOR that allows you to set the exact cutting height every time.  The system will show you in inches the precise cutting height.

After you’ve driven over the Auto Connect Deck and secured the gauge wheels, refer to the ILLUMINATED CUTTING HEIGHT LCD DISPLAY on the dash board.  You’ll see the height options displayed in inches.

To set the grass height, turn the knob to the desired setting.  The solid line will indicate your desired height, while the blinking light shows the current setting.  After you engaged the lever to move the mower deck into action, the flashing lights will move to your chosen cut setting.  The combination of the LCD display and easy to adjust dial makes it easy to set your preferred cutting height.

Once you’re done mowing, you can either leave the deck on and continue your other work, or remove it by setting the dial to the install position and then lowering the deck down with the handle.

Welcome to a new way of cutting grass with the 2R Series Compact Tractors, the better way.  With the command cut height of cut feature, life gets a little easier.  Just another reason why nothing runs like a Deere.

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