image of aurger torque attachment on a skid-steer machine

Mutton Power Equipment and Auger Torque USA have just teamed up to supply Fort Wayne and Northern Indiana! This is an exciting opportunity for customers to purchase world class skid steer attachments. 

Today the skid steer can be found on any job site from construction to landscaping and even the farmers have one in the barn. As more of our customers use this indispensable piece of equipment it is important to us to become more well rounded in our product offerings. Thanks to Auger Torque moving in down the road to Huntington, Indiana we now have a direct supply for the quality equipment the demanding industries need.

Auger Torque

Auger Torque is a world leading manufacturer with their patented auger drive system, and some of you may be using this drive system without knowing it. Auger Torque was establish in Europe in 1998 and has grown to have six manufacturing plants world wide and dealers in 70 counties. They supply auger drive systems to many other manufacturing companies here in the US and world wide. Their success and solid reputation on Europe, Asia, and Australia has allowed them to break into the US market with a proven product.

Auger Torque’s focus is on their Earth Drill auger system, which utilizes a planetary drive system for amplified torque to their life time warranted non-dislodgement shaft. They offer a full line of auger drives and augers to fit everything from mini skid steers to 40 ton excavators.

Auger Torque also has a patented auger tooth locking system that not only saves time for replacement but eliminates the risk of them falling off.

Not only does Auger Torque make Earth Drills but they also make a variety of attachments including cement mixer bowl, stump planers, trenchers, sweepers and pallet forks.

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