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Auger Buyers Guide


Choosing the Right Auger

Whether you’re planting trees, building a deck, or putting up fence, an earth auger might be just the tool you need to help you power through tough soil.  There are so many models available, it’s not easy deciding which type you might need.

When deciding which auger is best for your needs, consider two factors – the size of holes you’re going to be digging, and how often you will be using your it.  There are basically four types available, depending on how big of a job you have in front of you – hand, one-man, two-man, and attachments (for use with a skid-steer loader or tractor.)

The most basic type is the hand auger.  Their simple design makes them lightweight and inexpensive.  This are ideal for smaller jobs, such as gardening, planting small trees and shrubs, or digging small holes.

Hand augers typically range in cutting widths from 4”-8”, which makes them ideal for smaller jobs.  Hand cranked diggers are also a popular tool for ice fishing.  The lightweight design makes it easy to pack up and take it anywhere.

The next type is a one-man auger.  If hand drills aren’t quite enough to handle your needs, one-man drills might be what you’re looking for.  This type is powered by either an engine or battery, which make them an ideal tool for jobs that require deeper drilling.

If you’re going to be digging between 2 and 12 holes, this type is the perfect tool for the job.  Their lightweight, easy to use design makes them ideal for planting a couple trees, putting up a small fence, installing a mailbox, or drilling through thick ice.

Although they have very similar designs, Two-Man Augers are a bit more heavy-duty than the one-man.  Two-Man hole drivers are usually powered by a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine and require two people to operate.

If you need to dig multiple holes that are larger in size, a two-man is a great tool for the job.  Let’s say you’re building a deck and need to dig holes to pour cement for the base posts.  This is a pretty big job, but with a two-man, you and a buddy can get it done in no time!

Both One-Man and Two-Man diggers are available in 2-Cycle or 4-Cycle engine models.  4-Cycle engines are typically more expensive, but not having to mess with mixing oil may be worth it! Both one-man and two-man augers are also extremely diverse.  Most of these types of augers are available with different size auger bits, so you can tackle a wider diversity of jobs.


When it comes to heavy-duty uses such as post hole digging, putting up large amounts of fence, and planting larger trees, Auger attachments  are just what you need and can be compatible with most skid-steers, backhoes, excavators, ag-tractors, and compact tractors – really anything with a front-loader or 3-point hitch system.

Simply hook up the auger to your front loader or 3-point hitch, and using your machine’s hydraulics, you are ready to dig holes all day long.  If you tend to use your tool multiple times per year, these attachments are a great choice, saving you a great deal of time and effort. Attachments are an extremely versatile tool – they easily power through dense soil, roots and rocks.  The bits can also be interchanged, so no matter what the job, you can always have the perfect size hole.


When it’s time to dig post holes, put up fence or plant trees, Mutton Power Equipment has everything you might need along the way — from Power Post Hole Diggers to Earth Drills and more.


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