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Most homeowner’s know the all too familiar feeling of having to deal with fallen tree limbs and branches. It seems like every spring and fall, you’re faced with a tough decision – what should you do with your branches? Rather than burning all of your limbs, why not recycle them?

Chippers are an incredibly versatile, handy piece of equipment that allow you to save money and energy by turning those annoying limbs into mulch. Plus, most woodchippers come standard with an adjustable 360 Degree exit chute. Just point the chute at where you’d like to mulch, and get to shredding! If you don’t own a chipper, not only are you missing out on huge savings, but you’re also just creating more work for yourself! They are available in a wide variety of sizes and models so you can find the perfect wood chipper for you and your operation. If you’re not sure which type are available, we’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect wood chipper for you. We’ll talk about a few of the most popular models, and we’ll tell you exactly what you need!

What Kind do I Need?

First things first – the model that you end up choosing will depend on what you will be using to power the chipper. Fortunately, chippers are available for almost any operation, whether you’re using a skidsteer, tractor with PTO, or just towing it behind your truck or trailer. They’re also available in almost any size you need. Whether you own one acre or a whole forest, there is a wood mulcher for you.

The most common type of wood chippers available are PTO driven chippers. Simply attach the chipper to your tractor’s 3-Point Hitch Mount, connect the PTO and get to work! This also means that your tractor’s Horsepower will directly affect what size is possible for you to use. Since these mount right on your tractor’s three point hitch, you don’t have to worry about towing it behind the tractor on rough terrain. This model can navigate the farthest reaches of your woods.

Many 3-Point Hitchs are also available with a separate shredder hopper that can tackle large amounts of debris and brush. If you’ve got small branches with lots of leaves, the chipper/shredder option is a necessity!

If you own a skidsteer, rather than a tractor, then the skidsteer mounted wood chipper is definitely for you! Similar to the 3-Point Hitch Mounted chipper, skidsteer mounted wood chippers attach right to your skidsteer loader. Rather than running off of a PTO Shaft, they are hydraulically driven.

If you don’t have a tractor or a skidsteer, don’t worry! You are not out of luck just yet. Tow Behind models feature a pin hitch that easily connects to your truck or ATV, turning this wood chipper into a trailer style, tow behind unit. These types of tow behind wood chippers are powered by a powerful, self-contained engine, so you can take these chippers anywhere.

Whether you’re a residential homeowner, or a commercial landscaper, there is a wood chipper out there that matches your every need. To learn more about which is best for you, give our tractor attachment experts a call at (260) 432-9438.

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