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A John Deere utility cart can be a great addition to any John Deere mower. We all have things we move across our yard. A utility cart will save you trips, time and your back. This premium molded heavy-duty  7 cu. ft. high-density polyethylene cart easily connects to your lawn tractor using a universal hitch. There are many benefits to having a utility cart that easily hooks up to your lawn tractor, you can carry many different things in the bed, and it has great features. Read all about it below.

1. Large, durable, one-piece polyethylene bed

Poly Bed cleans easily and is compression molded for superior strength and durability. This also means the bed won’t rust or dent.

2. Universal Hitch

Connects easily to multiple riding mowers.

3. Carries many different materials

This cart is perfect for hauling rock, soil, mulch, firewood, hay, tools, and whatever else you can safely fit under 450 pounds.

4. Molded Channels on Each side

This cart features two vertical 3/4 in. molded channels on each side, which allows loads to be divided into multiple compartments and 3/4 in. x 2 in. molded pockets for the addition of side extensions.

5. Pneumatic Tires

Tires provide turf tread for excellent traction, shock absorption, and minimal rolling resistance

6. Easy dumb release

Along with the steep tailgate angle, the dumb release allows you to completely empty the material in the cart.

7. Saves your back.

No more carrying heavy mulch bags all around your yard, or bending to the ground to pick up those new flowers you’re planting.

8. Small footprint

This utility cart is 5.5 x 3′ so it will not take up much room in your garage. With proper mounting, you can even hang the cart on the wall.

9. Perfect for gardening

Move everything you need for gardening in one cart. You can take your mulch, your new plants, and your shovel all in one trip, without making 3 different trips to the shed to collect everything. Park it right beside your gardening bed and have easy access to your collected tools. The cart also provides one trip cleanup since you can put the trash and your tools in the cart, then simply drive them where you need to take them.

10. More models of John Deere Carts

John Deere has multiple sizes of poly carts, with different bed materials, and even with dump beds.

The best part…

The John Deere 7P utility cart is on sale with the purchase of a John Deere D100 or E100 lawn tractor until May 14th 2018! Give us a call at 260-436-6967 to find out more! Or go check out our promotions page!

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